Why you should choose an elegantly designed video wall

Choosing an LED Screen video wall is not easy. The process is complicated due to the many types of video walls available on the market and the fact that there are so many things to consider. In some cases, it actually makes sense to forget about the specs necessary for your application and just go with an elegantly designed video wall hoping that it will offer long-term services. Videos walls today are comprised of flat LED panels which are lightweight and their depth profile is less compared to their traditional counterparts.

If a video wall or flat panel vendor is not offering lightweight options (at least 44lbs or 20kg), and a slim depth of at least 3.42 inches or 87mm, you should not buy the Video Wall because the system is not elegantly designed. Besides, such a system would be very old for the modern era. There are no video walls on the market with depths of 4 inches or more. A lightweight and slim video wall is crucial because it allows for easy installation and constant maintenance. In fact, lightweight and slim displays can easily be removed during maintenance or replaced if need be.

All video walls that are 4 inches or more should actually not be installed near foot-traffic level. One reason for this is that they violate many regulations. It is important to remember that the general weight considerations of an LED Display video wall will affect many facets of installation. In addition, heavy video walls can increase shipping or transportation costs from the vendor to their required premises. The video walls also increase the cost and amount of the essential mounting equipment. You should avoid buying such video walls because the maintenance costs will also increase after installations are complete.

Generally, you should select a video wall supplier that offers lightweight, thin and integrated video wall mounting systems.