Why choose dobre programy

Free programs
It is always valuable when you use the good, valuable and legal programs on your computer. There are many people who feel that using the legal and valuable programs can lead to great expenditure for them and thus they go for the pirated and non-legal versions. Let me just guide you with the free programs which can be helpful to you and for which you don’t need to pay special attention. People always run after the program named as earlier and they never know that the Libreoffice is the similar program available at dobre programy (Good programs).

The computer graphic is synonymous to the professional’s tools for having the image processing and for the programs like Corel paint shop pro and the adobe Photoshop. One such alternative is the GIMP. It is the graphic program which is not different in terms of the functionality as compared to the commercial counterparts. It is the free editor available at dobre programy which is also open source and it is mainly used of the image editing and reshaping. We would suggest you with the options which are having all the functionality and that also for free of cost. You can get them at dobre programy. Avast antivirus is the popular one amongst them.

List of counterparts
AVG is the antivirus which is owned by the antivirus family of Avast. They also offer you with number of types of the antivirus protection on your computer and you never need to pay for that. Yanosik is the free and revolutionary navigation app which is also having the radar detectors in it. Another such application includes waze at dobre programy. Their main goal is to provide the counterparts of the commercial applications for free. They are the one who have the complete list for the free counterparts of all the commercial applications.