What is power mobility and things to consider before purchasing?

Have you ever heard about power mobility for disabled persons?? I think your answer is, simply NO. The last statement sounds awkward just because it does not clear its meaning. Power mobility for a disabled person means giving a new power of movement to them without any physical support; give them electric power wheelchair for their independent walks. It can maximize their limited to mobility up to a level. Electric motor wheelchairs are two types one is present in the form of power wheelchairs, and the second one is in the form of an electric scooter.

The choice depends on the user’s ability and needs whether to choose electric power wheelchair or electric power scooter.
Considerations for wheelchairs:
• Comfort: first thing to keep in consideration is a comfort for the user. Must have customized seating options. Power wheelchairs are come up with tilt and recline options with it. These options provide a sense of pressure relief and comfort. So that they can sit there for a long time.
• Travel: with electric power wheelchairs a person can travel long distances which might be not possible with manual wheelchairs.
• Space: Electric power wheelchairs typically have a small turning radius, which means that they have better tactics to be fit in small spaces. They have more options with center wheel drives for better and flexible movements.

• Variety of terrain: Power wheelchairs have better tires and wheels. In power wheels, chair rear wheel tire plays a vital role in the movement. That’s why they can move so easily and also make so smooth turns without any extra efforts.
wheelchair deals with attaching motor are more preferred by users, not because of more options and features but they have come with more comfortable seats. In an upcoming time when you are going to purchase power wheelchair must consider all the above tips.