What is bundesliga?

Bundesliga is also known as fussball bundesliga. It is an association or group of professional football sport club in Germany and it is the best football sports club worldwide. Bundesliga is primary sport of football in Germany and in this competition held between 18 teams and those team who win get more importance and who lose the game have less importance it means teams get ranked by how the play their game. The season of bundesliga football start from August and end in may and in the most of games played on weekends and less on weekdays. All groups of sports club in the fußball bundesliga need to qualify for DFB – POKAL and winning team needs to qualify for DFL – Supercup. Here friends in this article today’s deep discussion on history of bundesliga, so read this article till end.

Deep discussion on history of bundesliga
Bundesliga was founded 54 years ago in 1963 by German football association in Dortmund. But in 1949 German played part time football professional in 5 regional league. National association found 86 member club in 28 January 1900. On 31 may 1903 Germany got the first recognised national championship team. But in 1950 international level Germany team play poor against other countries professional football player.

A coach expert give advice to German team if you want to remain competitive than you need to raise expectation at national level. In mean time east Germany made their separate league name by Deutscher Sportausschuss Oberliga. In 1958 league was renamed as DDR-Liga or DDR-Oberliga. In 1963 there were 5 league that is West Germany’s North, South, West, Southwest, and Berlin. A separate league maintains by east Germany. First bundesliga football game played on 24 August 1963 and FC koln was the first champion of bundesliga fussball game.
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