What are some of the popular Stardew valley mods?

These days’ online video games are viral. They are played by a variety of online players. These come with good modifications (mods) or features. These add depth, and downright fun to all types of games. Stardew Valley is one such game. This game was launched in2016. Since then stardew valley mods have given special features to this game. There are tons of different mods available in this match. E.g., character replacement, house replace, choosing the variety of farms, etc.

Some of the essential mods of stardew valley:
• CJW cheats: This mod makes the game much easier. These Stardew Valley Mods can change anything from walking speed, amount of lucks, ability to pause to the easier fishing. One can even change the weather; have fences that never break etc. This they must have the mod in any game.
• Animal sitter: In an early part of the game you need to attend to the animals. As the number of animals increase it becomes difficult task attending to their needs. Now you may use the animal sitter mod. With just pressing one button you can manage your animals.
• Lookup anything: This gives you information on prices of crops, items required to complete the community center, Abigail’s favorite gift. If you press f2, it provides all the necessary information.
• Chests anywhere: At initial stages, one gets frustrated running around farms. It solves all problems of a player. With the help of chests, you can easily move things into your inventory.
• Longevity mod: The common problem faced is when you have completed the game till the last level. At such times longevity mod with add new features to your game like the inflation of crops, taxes, stamina balances, etc.
These stardew valley mods make the game more exciting and fun. Even if one reaches the end level, he can continue his game.