Transparency of private air charters

No hidden charges
When you choose the private jet charter online then it is something which you might not have done before and it is the first time for you. There are companies who provide such services to their customers. They offer them with the complete list of the available charters with them along with their pricing and the seating capacities. You simply need to enter your departure and arrival airports, departure time, seating persons, etc. they believe that when the customers don’t need to pay any of the hidden fees and they do not charge any of them. Moreover, they also do not have any surprise charges. They make sure that the entre flight experience is a good one right from the beginning till the end.

Usually there are many companies which provide such services but very few of them list their charters along with the prices. It is frustrating when you visit some website and you are not able to find the list prices for the services. The private jet lenders make sure that they list the prices along with their services so that it becomes easy for you to make a purchase and make a booking. They list down their prices along with the service so that the booking and charter experience becomes more simple and straightforward.
No extra charges
The booking fees of the air charters are fixed for all types of charter request that you make online. The fees range upto 10% of the converge flights and for the empty leg trips. There are some additional requirements as well which includes the travel management fees and the multi stop trips which are prices on the case by case basis. All of the quotes are fixed whether you travel in morning or at night. The quote that they provide includes the catering, taxes and also the other fees.