Tips for maintaining and Purchasing clothing

It is very important to keep good care for our clothing as it needs special care. Every clothes have different types of maintenance tips

Cotton: Cotton fabric is a soft and comfortable fabric. It’s one type of favorite clothing fabric. Cotton clothes can be washed with warm and cold water. Much depends on the fabric color, because some cotton clothes leave color while washing in plain water. Cotton clothes always need to be ironed after they are dry.

Linen- Linen fabric soak and absorb more water, when compared to other garments. Maintain linen fabric according to label which will available with fabric. They have instruction on how to maintain them.

Polyester –
Most of the polyester fabric clothes need to be washed with warm water. But still you have to check the instructions which will be available with the fabric.

Its hand washable but preferable to go for special dry cleaning. You can wash them with shampoo for preserving the silky nature. Press with the warm iron to keep the shine.

Wool is produced from animal hairs. The fabric is made from proteins which can be damaged with use of chemicals, bleach, heat etc.
● Heat- Wool should not be washed with hot water. It can damage the wool and can change the structure of cloth. Have to wash with normal water.
● Wet- Wool absorbs more water after soaking in water. Woolen should not be stretched. Wet woolen clothing should not have hung.
● Dry cleaning- Dry cleaning is the best method to clean the woolen clothing.

Wool has different types. The most popular of them are Merino wool, Angora wool etc. Merino wool is strong thread wool which helps to keep the human skin warm and cozy. To clean woolenone should not use chemicals, as they are harmful. It is used to make many items out of which Merino Wool Beanie are very popular in the online space. Before you purchase Merino Wool Beanies, you need to do some basic research and reading around Merino Wool Beanies.