String Curtains, an evolution of decoration

The use of large dimensions of fabric or what we know today as curtains go back centuries, acquire great importance in the Renaissance era and its first expansion begins in ancient Greece. The use of the curtains begins as a need to cover the openings or windows and doors of the house to protect themselves, also to create divisions in some spaces. Later this concept was changed to become what it is today, an ornamental or decorative element that allows to condition areas to create a comfortable and welcoming, creating visual effects of spaciousness in small spaces or simply provide the desired mood in a living room or room.
The types of curtains have also evolved according to the artistic style of each era, the length, the textures of the fabrics, the colors, have had important variations throughout its history, which has allowed it to be an element that adapts to the different styles, from the soberest, classic and elegant to the most informal, simple, contemporary and modern, including children’s, thematic and even the bathroom curtains have been protagonists in the world of decoration.
At Generation Store Inc, always at the forefront of the most innovative styles, we present proposals of the most recent in our decorative element of greatest demand; string curtains and fringe curtains , string curtains is currently one of the most sought-after products, it is a key component of decoration for our clients. These curtains have reached a high popularity due to the ease to adapt them to any scenario or environment, they adjust to the necessary size and depending on the event they can be transformed and adapted to space and style that is required.

Now it is possible to acquire your curtains in Generation Store Inc, online, in a comfortable and more economical way since you avoid the expenses of intermediaries.