Sell your car online easily

Selling your car can be a pain. First, you need to put a price on it that is fair, but also realistic for the age and the state of the vehicle. If you decide to go through the process of getting a clearance certificate on the car, you will have to find a garage that does these types of certificates, book a vehicle in and pay for the certificate to be issued. If you factor the price of buying this certificate at your price, then you may come up with an unrealistic price. There are cheaper ways to sell your car around, including parking it on the verge if that is allowed and putting a price on it, or your phone number.

The problem with doing that is the grass is likely to grow under the car, and the postman be annoyed. If the car is not drivable, it may quickly become an eyesore to the neighbors, leading to ill-feeling. Putting ads in the local paper or on sites that sell vehicles is no guarantee that you will sell your car easily and for what you want. You will end with more sticky beaks and time-wasters than genuine enquiries. Dealer does not come to homes as a rule, unless they can catch you for a reciprocal deal. So what do you do?

What you can do is check out we sell cars sites online and explore what they have to offer. Some are easy to get on with, simply sending a rep to your home and giving you a reasonable price for your car. You do not even have to make arrangements for the car to be taken to the dealer as they collect them without charge to you. This makes it very easy to sell my car if you are running low on cash.