Make your Personal RuneScape Private Server

What’s RSPS?
MyRSPS is the newest and most popular idea in the world of RSPS. Usually, private servers are all the same, and have been for years. So as to make a high quality and favorite server, you require programming knowledge, and a lot of time. MyRSPS is here to change this. MyRSPS lets you make a free server (hosting and all) which you can customize through our simple to use admin panel. It’s possible to customize your entire world’s content to supply the ideal experience your players have ever seen.

Our Technology
What sets us apart is our revolutionary game server that we’ve constructed from the bottom up. Our game server has been specifically designed to handle up to a large number of world cases at any given moment. Every one of those world cases loads its settings from our database, which is altered by our Admin Portal. To get your entire world, we’ll supply you with a webclient connection, and also an embed code to appear as professional as you can on your own website.

How will MyRSPS work?
Upon linking our the forums, you now have a couple choices. It’s possible to navigate the recent servers and attempt any of these. If you prefer to make and design your own, then you are able to go to the proper section and set up your own server name and password. You’ll have to keep this password to modify characteristics of your server later on. Once your server has been produced, the following step would be downloading and using the Admin Control Panel. Sign in with your Server name and password to the ACP, and here you’ll have several alternatives. Alternatives like NPC Spawn Manager, Player Permissions, Home spawn, and even more. You are able to edit anything you prefer and send the update for your server. Your server will be added into our custom toplist webpage and anybody can play your server. Choices to host your server are all available. Notable attributes:

Subdomain of all MyRSPS to use forums for your own Server (optional for every single server)
TopList for many servers w/ sponsored server Alternatives to Market your server
Free server development and growing