Make a trip to west Papua province of Indonesia using the right paket tour Raja Ampat

Indonesia is a great place for tourists. It attracts a lot of foreign tourists per year. Among all the tourist spots it has to offer, Raja Ampat of west Papua province truly excels in all the categories. From scenic beauty to cave adventures to island exploring, it provides all. You wouldn’t know the rich heritage of these island groups until you make a trip there. So you better choose a paket tour raja ampat and set out for the adventurous journey.

Services included in paket tour Raja Ampat
Once you purchase one of the packages, all the breakfast, meals, snacks and dinner will be covered within it. They agency will pick you up from the airport, take you to the nearest hotel and set the time tables four islands exploring. During your stay, you will be given free boat rides, and a tourist guide will be there with you to show you all around the beautiful islands. But if you want some other additional services, you need to pay additionally from your pocket. So choose a paket tour Raja Ampat and turn your trip into a thrilling adventure.

Raja Ampat, the paradise of Indonesia
The group of islands present amidst the jungle is also known as the paradise of Indonesia. From its wildlife beauty to scenic views to the spooky caves and lagoons, it offers a visual treat to all the tourists. You can also take part in activities. Diving is one of the most popular activities chosen by most tourists. Though it comes with additional charges, the outcome is great indeed. You will be exposed to the rich underwater heritage of Raja Ampat.
So, you need to make your trip exciting. Choose the right paket tour Raja Ampat, pack your luggage and set out either with family or alone. Do not forget to make the best of your Raja Ampat tour.