Learn step by step process to play 3Card Klondike Solitaire

‘A show of 3 Aces and here comes the winning moment.’

A classic 3 card Klondike solitaire game is no doubt an interesting game that keeps up the thrilling ‘what will come next’ level high. But where the anxiousness to winning in a set of solitaire is high, one can only achieve it if they know how to play it.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to play this game and achieve an easy win!

8 step in; and it’s a win-win

  1. There are mainly 4 individual card piles in a clockwise The first step of playing is to dragging the cards into the pile to obtain the best position.
  2. Flip from pile 3 and preview from 2. The choices are entirely dependent on draw 3 or draw 1
  3. The next step is to move 1face-up card and drag it to pile 4 if there the last card has a higher value.
  4. Now take face up cards from both goal 1 and preview 2 and move them to column 4 and placed above it.
  5. An empty column 4 means a movement only for Kings in Klondike solitaire.
  6. In between column 4, a player can drag either multiple face-up cards or individual card. Both the card movement options work perfectly.
  7. In empty goal 1, the first step is to move 1 Ace. After this, other card movements can be made.This means any Ace movement to any goal 1. Following this step, a player can move other cards of similar suit as Ace’s to goal 1 (any). However, it is extremely important to maintain the order.
  8. Clicking on undo button can help a player go back to the previous move and change it if any step doesn’t seem suitable.

There are selected free games solitaire websites from where a player can easily play this game and enjoy without paying a dime. So, enjoy playing Klondike Solitaire with these stepwise playing procedures!