How to Use a Gas Mask Bong: Use with Precaution?

The fervor of becoming inebriated with your favorite weed is quite attracting. You always taste the newest method to engage yourself in the blooming air. Slowly and silently when you get tosoak in the air, you find yourself in another world. To get the unleashing gain, you should know how to use a gas mask bong.

Features of a gas mask bong
The gas mask bong is available in many online stores. They offer a wide range of gas masks in attractive shapes and colors. You have an independent choice to select from what appeals you the most. A gas mask bong is made of a top quality durable material that stays up to multiple uses. A mask bong comprises of three main components.
• A metal tube and bowl
• Rubber gas mask with adjustable straps
• An 8” acrylic pipe
How to use a gas mask bong?
It is very important to know how to use a gas mask bong. The smoke pipe is connected to the mask and the tube. It is filled with warm water and the stem of the weed. This slowly releases the smoke and spreads within the mask. You have to cover your face with the mask so that the smoke doesn’t come out. It acts asan airtightvacuum mask. When the tobacco or weed is burned, the smoke spreads from the pipe and fills the mask. The strap is adjustable; therefore, you can adjust the mask according to our convenience. Still, you have to adopt some precautions while using a gas mask.

• Get down with smoking slowly moving over your lungs a rest. Excess smoke instantly can cause choking.
• Take precautions for your eyes when smoking weed and tobacco. They may cause redness and watery to your eyes.
• Start with light smoke and then move on to more advanced drugs.
When you know how to use a gas mask bong, you can relish the intoxicating smoke and enjoy weed in a legal way!