How is a Vape mod made?

Isn’t it wonderful to understand the construction of an electronic cigarette or a Vape mod? Every device that gets manufactured has to have a certain design before it gets released in the market. Based on the design and the components chosen people decide to buy it or not.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are built using high end technology and the primary parts include the mouth-piece, a cartridge, heating element, a battery to run the device along with an LED as an indicator. The atomizer consists of a heating element that is normally used to vaporizes the substance and converts it into vapor while Vaping.

You must also know that the temperature in the Vape mod reaches up to 100-250 degree Celsius that creates the aerosolized vapor. Once the vapor is inhaled it brings in a flavor of tobacco that is similar to smoking cigarettes.

You may also know that best vape mod comes in different sizes and are also named differently. There are Vape mods which come with refillable tank as well. The most common ones are e-cigarettes, eGos and mods. The basic difference lies in the looks and few enhanced features.

E-cigarette almost looks like a normal cigarette and eGos are bigger than cigarettes and come with refillable tanks while mods are an assembled unit from the existing parts.

You may also check for best box mods 2017 and decide on which one to buy that suits your need. There are a lot of best reviews on e-cigarettes available on and reading reviews will help you decide on the mod you should buy.

Reduce your tobacco intake today by replacing the actual cigarettes with e-cigarettes. Since e-cigarettes are based on the generations, the third generation e-cigarettes are launched with advanced features which include the mechanical mod and variable voltage devices.