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Across the world, many celebrities are continuing to accumulate more wealth, and a library of information can be gained online. The information could be how much money they have made, what they are deciding to do now and what they have done with the money. From the innovations of technology products and benevolent activities of Bill Gates to the mockery and entertainment of Jerry Seinfeld, you can easily browse the awards and deeds of the financially best. Similarly, the wealth profiles of many other celebrities can also be known easily from celeb net worth wiki.

Net Worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger
The net worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger of the well-known Hollywood actor is $300 million. The actor born in the year 1960 in theAustrian village of Thal. He won the title of Mr. Universe in the year 1967 and moved to America in the year 1968. At the age of 25, he became a millionaire after investing in real estate.
He won the title of Mr. Olympia in the year 1970, and he got his break as an actor for the movie Hercules in New York. He gained a lot of fame for his movies and for his movie Twins the actor took the ownership of the film. He earned a lot of credits from this movie than his prior films. In the year 2003 Arnold entered the political arena, and the improving of the state finances have been credited to him.

Celebrity Net worth
In day to day conversations, the popular topic among people is talking about celebrities. With the glamor and glitz of stardom, these celebrities seem to have a lot of wealth. But there are certain celebrities whose celebrity net worth is very surprising to the people and that they would never believe. One among them is Lean Headey whose net worth is about $1.5 million, and it is very shocking to know that she has only $5 in her bank account.