Football: all you need to know

The most interesting sport of all times is fussball is also known as association football. According to fussball news, it involves to various degrees, kicking a ball with the foot to score a goal. In different countries, it is called by various names which are called fussball codes. Players take up positions in a limited area of the field at the start of the game. They use throwing and running as the main ways of moving the ball and kick on only certain locations.

Rules for playing fussball are:
• Each team consists of 11 players. These are made up of ten outfield players and one goal keeper.
• The pitch should be roughly 120 yards long and 75 yards wide.
• A match consists of a 15 minutes rest period with two 45 minutes halves.
• The ball must have a circumference of 58-61 cm and be of a circular shape.
• Every game must have one referee and two assistant referees. He acts as time keeper and makes decisions such as fouls, free kicks, penalties, etc.
• If both the teams are level in the match, then 30 minutes will be added to it.
• The fussball must cross the line to constitute a goal.
• The one difference between fussball and other sports played in America is that the referee may let the game continue and not call a foul. This is because he thinks stopping the game will benefit the team committing the foul.

fußball nachrichten (Football news) provides you with information regarding the game. To score a point, the whole ball must go into the opponent’s goal. A goal can be done with the help of any part of the body except the hand or arm. To win the game you have to score more goals than that of your opponent’s. If the scores are same of both the teams after the 90 minutes then the game will end as a draw. It can go to extra time, to decide the winner of the fussball match.