Counter Strike: GO Trading Site

CSGO Lounge, the most largest csgo trade website on world, has declared that it needs to go legit. The website went down for “routine care” around the time that the 10-day ultimatum to stop operations, issued by founder of this game Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Valve, died, resulting in speculation that the website’s operators had pulled the plug.

Valve has moved to close down the lawfully gray gaming industry which has grown up about its hit movie game, and specifically through the trading of designer in-game weapons, also called “skins.”

Valve introduced the electronic artifacts as part of an experiment in making an in-game market and allowed their trading through its Steam platform. However, their capacity to be moved to third-party websites gave birth to a gaming industry that had worked under the radar of authorities, and of that CSGO Lounge is the industry leader.

CSGO Lounge Statement
Enough was enough for Valve, which has pledged to delete the betting sites’ accounts on the Steam Trading platform, limiting their access to skins.

CSGO bounced back from the “routine care” with a note to its clients detailing its intent to get a gambling license so as to work in nations where esports betting is lawful.

“Beginning from Monday, 1st August 2016, we’ll begin restricting the accessibility to the betting performance for consumers seeing us from nations and areas, where online esports betting is forbidden,” it stated.

“We shall add extra registration and confirmation procedure and we need you to comply with all our new Terms of Service if you would like to continue using our service. In addition, we remind that our service is just for users that are at least 18 years old.”