Cape Town tours and surrounding to enrich your exotic culture

Cape Town tours start with Rabben Island. Then while returning boat trips crossing the Table Bay. It is the maximum security prison; you can interact with ex-political prisoner also. Then you can explore the Murrays bay harbor.

Scenic beauty and Harbor visit in Cape Town tours
• Then comes the Houth Bay which is enrooted to the Atlantic Ocean. Then there is famous Chapman’s peak.
• Rise in 200mts on one side and down on the other side. Through Atlantic oceans scenic beauty.
• The romanticism of two famous oceans, Indian and the Atlantic Ocean.
• Once an explorer has mentioned it as fairest cape in the world, rather in the whole circumference of the world.
Boulders Beach
• Cape Town tours are very interesting, full of beaches, harbors, and islands. Penguin colony which is established in Boulders beach.
• Boulders beach is situated at the cape of the peninsula near the township of Simons. In western South Africa near Cape Town.
• African penguins have settled in Boulders bay during 1982. It is a part of a national park called Table mountain National park.
• From here some vulnerable birds can be watched named as Spheniscus demersus. The area has False Bay on other side and high watermark area on the one side.
• The penguin in the beach can be viewed from Foxy beach.
• A swimming beach is also there in the restricted area of Penguin beach.
Table mountain National park
This mountain national park is also known as a Cape peninsula National park, famous in the city of Cape Town. It is the park which is treated as a part of UNESCO cape floral region World Heritage site. The park has two famous spots to be visited, which is part of one of the major of tour cape townare Table Mountain and Cape of Good Hope.